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As we commemorate our 80th Anniverssary as a family owned and operated comapnay, we would like to celebrate this milestone with you, our valued customer. Through decades, and generations of the Liccardo Family we have strived to set our company apart in the industry by not only engineering qulaity machinery solutions but also partnering with clients throughout the world. Thank you for your business and trust. At this time,
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"Our relationship with Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery, Co. goes back over fifty years. Dan McGowen, my father-in-law began buying two roll Mills back in the mid sixties from Joseph and Helga Liccardo. Not only did we buy the equipment from them, but we had all our service work performed by them over the years. In that time of service, I never remember there ever being a problem that young Tom or Joe could not solve. In the mid-eighties, we purchased a Reliable Continuous Mixer and an Extruder which is still producing material today. I would not hesit ate to recommend Reliable Rubber & Plastic Machinery, Co. to anyone in the industry."

    - Daniel F. Ginty, Jr., President, J. Meyer & Sons, Inc.

"Hard to express all the experiences I've had with Reliable, so I'll just try and make it simple. " In my 31 years as President of my company I sourced Reliable many times to supply new, rebuilt, and special equipment. Their service and deliveries were on time. They earned their company name…"RELIABLE." Joey and Tommy, Great chatting with you today. Best of luck for the next 80!. "

    - Fred Ziegler, President

"On behalf of Lufkin Industries, LLC. I am pleased to say that we have enjoyed and been fortunate to be a supplier to your company for over half a century! I can honestly say that our business has been able to flourish over this time because of the commitment, knowledge and passion that Reliable has with its customers & suppliers. Reliable is unparalleled and unique in their approach to business and clearly values the long standing relationships it has with its business partners which is essential in providing solutions to the custom engineered rotating equipment industry.
Congratulations to all of you at Reliable!"

    - Gene Morsch, Product Manager, Lufkin, part of GE Oil & Gas

"The rubber Mills at our PPG site in Monroeville, Pa. were in need of updating to OSHA standard and in general newer equipment. We looked at many companies but when Reliable invited us to come to their manufacturing site in New Jersey, we jumped at the opportunity. We were truly impressed with the high safety standard and simplicity of their rubber Mills. Two new Mills were immediately ordered and six months later we were using them in our labs. They have performed above our expectations and are an integral part of our process."

    - Mark Geiger, PPG Silica Products

"Tom, your invoice calls for 30 day terms. We are paying today the full amount. We appreciate the rush you put on our breakdown job even though you had many other orders to fill. Fast service … Fast pay. Thanks to all at Reliable."


"In today's world it is refreshing and productive to do business with a family owned and operated business in the USA. The Liccardo family team has saved us from many machinery breakdowns and new machinery needs. The myth that we can't compete in this country is blown away by Reliable machinery's excellent quality and service. During our 50 years in business they have played a key role in the growth and success of our business. Thank you Tom, Joe and your team for being there when needed."

    - John M. Bonforte Sr., General Manager/Technical Support, Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp

"Hi Tom and Joe, read your article in the recent magazine celebrating 80 years. Congratulations! You both must be very proud of your family, past and present. There are not very many family run businesses that have a solid leadership like you guys at the helm. Just wanted to say you both have always been so polite and honest to me over the years. Thank you for your support and look forward to continue working together. The Liccardo family has always been very pleasant to work with. Congrats again to you all."

    - Donald J. Wells, Sales, NFM Welding Engineers, Inc

"I have nothing but good to say for my time working with Reliable. They made me Mills for our USA and our South America plants that were better than NEW. What a wonderful business relationship we have. I had an Extruder head that someone turned off and it was plugged full of rubber. I called Tommy and he said "bring it in, Bob!" I no sooner got there than Joey had a couple of guys working on the job. Tommy said let's grab a quick lunch, when we got back, the Extruder and the screw were not only separated but looked like they were brand new! Reliable Rubber NEVER let me down. Thanks guys."


"It was an honor and a privilege to be associated with Reliable and the likes of Tommy and Joey. A real class organization. They truly catered to the customer and his needs."

    - Bob Stover

"I worked for the Liccardo family from 1993 to 1997. Those 4 years were probably the best years in my working career. Not only did Joey and Tommy treat me as family, they also taught me the true sense of honesty and integrity. No matter if the machinery was new or rebuilt, Reliable Rubber and Plastic Machinery stood behind their workmanship and was always there to help a customer out. I wish them another 80 years of continuing success."

    - G.T.

"Passaic Rubber Company congratulates Reliable Rubber and Plastic Machinery, Tom and Joe Liccardo, on 80 plus years of service to our rubber industry. As Passaic Rubber nears its 100th anniversary, we can truly appreciate what the commitment level is to keep the steady quality and service from generation to generation. We have been very fortunate to have had the luxury of having Reliable as a neighbor for all these years, and coming to our rescue in times of need. Downtime is the devil, and Reliable has been there to service our Calender lines, twenty one Hydraulic Presses, and seven Open Mills. They have been a great outlet for replacement parts, reconditioned equipment, and sound advice. Our thanks, and once again, congratulations on 80 years-go hand in hand."

    - Your friends at, Passaic Rubber Company

"I have been involved with buying rubber machinery from Reliable now for over 27 years. This company has consistently delivered highest quality rebuilt machinery at the best pricing and is capable of meeting the most demanding specifications. Whether it’s been an Extruder, a Banbury® Mixer, a Mill or a Calender, I have always had excellent technical collaboration with Reliable."

    - E.H.


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